The Store



Student Bible Lesson Course – $25.00 (one time fee)

Description: Want to know more about God’s Word? These 94 lessons can help you “study to show yourself approved.” A certificate will be granted when completed.


Myths and Legends Bible Study – $5.00 (one time fee)

Description: Who Married Adam and Eve’s Children? Can a Christian be Possessed by an Evil Spirit? Let the Bible answer these questions and more!


Chaplains Manual – $35.00 (one time fee)

Description: Want to develop a chaplaincy program at your local Law, Fire or EMS department? A generic chaplain manual provides a solid backbone to roll out a working model. Consider adding the Care Topic Tool Box (above) to further enhance your program offerings.


The Chapped Chap – Illustrated Book $2.50

Description: Not listening can be a disaster. A children’s story.


A Good Day for a Duck – Illustrated Book $2.50

Description: Can it still be a fun day when it is raining outside? A children’s story.
Caveman & The Princess – Illustrated Book $2.50

Is the husband like a caveman or the wife like a princess? How can the marriage survive? An illustrated marriage story.

A childrens story.



Chaplain Care Services 

Description: pricing varies for number of employees and the services required. Contact Shepherd Care for more information.


Care Tool Box –  $10.00 (annual fee).

Description: Access to dozens of Care Topics for distribution and use for Human Resource Managers, Pastors, Chaplains, and Supervisors.