“To Care for People Where they Live & Worship”

Caring for the Church family is central to the spiritual life of our communities, even though many people do not realize this significance. An unhealthy church means unhealthy individuals which make up the church. Having a truly Biblically functioning church where all the parts of the “Body” play their God-given part, can save souls and bring healing.

The Bible is God’s Holy Word. It is 100 percent truthful.
 The Scriptures were written by approximately forty different people.
 They lived in several different countries.
 They lived at different times (From 1400 B.C. to approximately 90 A.D).
 They wrote in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.
Even with all of this diversity, there is one main theme, the redemption of fallen man through Jesus Christ. The Bible
says equals What God says!
Turn to the Bible verses to answer each question:
1. How did the Bible originate (2 Peter 1:21)?
3. What does 2 Timothy 3:16 say about the Bible? (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Some of the Bible is inspired by God.
b. There are a few parts which are not inspired.
c. All of the Bible is inspired of God.
d. Only those parts which mean something to me personally are inspired by God.
4. What four things does God’s Word do?
a. Psalm 19:7a –
b. Psalm 19:7b –
c. Psalm 19:8a –
d. Psalm 19:8b –
5. According to Psalm 119:11, where should we place God’s Word?
Biblical Inerrancy: The quality of being free from all falsehood or mistake which safe guards the truth that the Holy
Scripture is entirely true and trustworthy in all its assertions.
Biblical Infallibility: The quality of neither misleading nor being misled which ensures that the truth of Holy Scripture is
a sure, safe, and reliable guide in all matters to which it speaks.
A Denial of Inerrancy is:
An attack on the integrity of God, the Father- who originated Scripture; An attack on the authority of God, the Son,
Jesus Christ- who affirmed Scripture; An attack on the activity of the Holy Spirit- who inspired Scripture; To
undermine the stability of the church- which is built on Scripture.