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Crosses022Welcome to the Inspirational Resources page. We hope you will find much practical and encouraging information to help in your daily living and in your outreach to others.

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A Biblical View of Work

A Far Green Country

A Street Called Straight Sign

A View on Discipleship

A View Through the 1040 Window

A Letter To the Pastor from Church Members

Blessings Versus Rights

Cave Hoppers R Us

Charlie Brown Meets Jesus Christ

Childlike Faith

Come On In the Water Is Fine

Confessions of a Dying Man

Conviction Versus Condemnation

Discipline and Correction From a Heavenly Father

Door Hanger for Quiet Time

Eagle Sign

Footprints in the Sand Poem

Frontiersman or Colonialist

Harvey Meets Jesus

Human Weakness

I Lift My Lamp

In Deep Water

Input Versus Output

Is Cremation Biblical

It is Certain

Kaizen and Jesus Christ

Life On God’s Terms

Mr. Nehemiah Goes to Jerusalem

Muzzle Not the Ox Sign

Name and Claim Versus Ask and Apply

No Uhaul Behind Hurst Sign

Pastor Search Committee Guidance

Pastor Search Guidance from Mary Poppins

Prayer Bookmark Back 1

Prayer Bookmark Front 1

Prayer Bookmark Back 2

Prayer Bookmark Front 2

Prayer Childrens Bookmark Back 1

Prayer Childrens Bookmark Front 1

Prayer Community Bookmark Back 2

Prayer Community Bookmark Front 2

Repent and Resist

Rethinking Commission Sale Programs

Separated Unto the Gospel

Sermon Preparation

The Associate

The Constitution of the Body of Christ

The Highest Power

The Constitution of the Body of Christ

The Defeat of Samson or Rebuilding of God

The Layer Cake

The One True Original

The Overworld and Oververse

The Place of Our Traditions

The Power of the Tongue

The Process of Repentance

The Process of Turning Suffering to Glory

Tolerance or Patience

Three Ways to Fail at Life

Understanding of a Family Reunion

We have been Going About This All Wrong

We Will Go West

What Congregation Do You Attend

What is Man

Who Would Have Thought God’s Saving Power Would Look Like This

Within and Without

Work it In to Walk it Out

Worship and Warfare

You Cannot Take it With You