“To Care for People Where they Live & Play”

At the core of our lives is what goes on at home. If a marriage or family is unhealthy or lacks the ability to communicate and relate in loving ways, it will affect every other area of life.

The Guiding Principles for a Respectful Family
There are seven pillars to build The Respectful Culture (See Proverbs 9:1).
1. The Treat others with dignity and respect. Along with decision-making
principles as guidance, it is important to follow the “Golden Rule” as a standard
of civilized conduct with a respectful manner towards all people. Do unto others
is the “Golden Rule.” “Treat others as how you would like to be treated.”
(Matthew 7:12) Remember that we can love the sinner and hate the sin. One
person’s rights end where another person’s rights begin.
2. Be accountable for your own personal behavior. We need to be responsible for
our actions. Apologize. How we act can affect others positively or negatively.
3. Tolerate no incidents of discrimination, abuse, or harassment (verbal, physical,
and mental and emotional). If issues need to be addressed, please speak the
truth with love (Ephesians 4:15). You can implement boundaries. You can also
refer to your counselors, legal entities, and church leadership for assistance
(Matthew 18:15-20).
4. Seek win-win solutions to relationship and life issues. This is a solution that
benefits everyone. Cooperation is needed to “meet in the middle.”
5. Respect personal culture, customs, and values while, at the same time, not
compromising the respectful treatment of other family members. The
illustration is of a “stew” where all of the ingredients contribute to the overall
taste and nutrition of the meal. We need the smelly onion and the squishy
6. Be responsible for personal growth and for helping others to grow. The
organization needs you and your contribution to the FAMILY!
7. Be ethical. Your standards of character and moral virtue are a trusted valuable
resource. They are also a standard and example to others (when present and
when away), and especially to children. (Titus 2:1-12).