“To Care for People Where they Live & Work”

Employee Care Programs and Resources are important for all work places because your employees are the heart of your company. If their mental and emotional well-being is not paramount, it will affect the workings and success of the entire company.

How to Survive Stress in the Workplace
Here are some tips to survive the stressful relationships in our lives and
keep things in balance an “on level.”
 Talk- Try to communicate (talk and listen) to those who you are
causing you stress.
 Confront- When others do not respond to general suggestions,
sometimes a more direct approach is necessary. Remember to be
 Boundaries- develop “safe places” and try to encourage people to
honor your “personal zone”.
 Patience- Try and give people a break. Do not take yourself so
 Spend Quality Time- Perhaps it is just a matter of
misunderstanding or a distance that has formed in the relationship.
Try and spend some time with the person(s) and get on common
 Take Some Time out for Fun- Maybe everyone just needs a break!
Relax. Go to a movie, out to lunch, go fishing or golfing. Relax.
Even if we go to a remote deserted island, there would be stress. So short
of being a castaway, we need to learn how to survive and co-exist with
those around us